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Good morning Graham and thank you so much for your comment! (sorry for the delay, had problems with the site). I'm happy that this post put a smile on your face :) Going through such a transition is not always easy but to be able to look at the situation as one of growth was always something that I found reassuring. And, although online dating was not natural for me, I'm happy for the experience. It's the moments of catching someones eye or a shy grin that makes me love the feeling of the "organic" approach. Thank you again & have a wonderful day!


Hi Megan, I was looking through my exhaustive list of Twitter followers and noticed your name. (1 of 38 thanks!:) I remembered you from Halifax Yoga and that you had a blog. I clicked on your latest and read it and smiled and felt happy. and then I read your online dating blog and smiled again. I'm in a similar position long term relaltionship breaking up, searching for answers and meaning and online dating. I've recently been weaning myself off as I also want to meet someone "organically". Anyway Thanks for the smile, the connection, the inspiration!!! All of these little moments add up!

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