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Thanks Kala! And what an amazing experience it was. Such an emotional day. I did my training through Breathing Space Yoga Studio here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Thanks for such a lovely comment and I hope all is well :)


Another amazing blog Megan. You really have a gift. See you tomorrow:)Love, Erin


Wow congratulations on graduating YT training.I know as one, that grad is emotional! It's a passage. At Kripalu they did a beautiful ceremony for our graduation with walking in and candles and so on. I'm sure yours will be lovely and you now have friends that will go forward with you as you begin teaching. I'm curious where you did training-will read more deeply see if I can find out.


I'm so glad you have enjoyed it. I tried to put into words what I am feeling and it appears there are others feeling the same way. What a comforting though. I look forward to keeping in touch...xo

Carolyn Willis

Thank you for e-mailing us all with this link. I have looked for your blog before, but was not able to find it. You have eloquently expressed the common feelings of a community of love. As our paths diverge, this will be something I come back to so that I can remember our incredible awakening.
Namaste, Carolyn Willis


You have brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart by writing this. You could not have summed it up better. It has been an incredible journey and I am so honored you were apart of mine as well. Love Savannah

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